Tip 1 : Don't tell anyone.

Even you are extremely proud on your plants, and though you would like to show of with it a bit, don't ! Your friends will be amazed by your weed after your harvest so that will be your way to inmpress him. Why, simply because you can't trust the people who your friend do trust per definition.

Tip 2 : Keep it clean.

The place where you are going to grow needs to be clean, real clean. Don't smoke there or leave any of your tools and equipment out in the open. Wash your hands every time you leave the place, you don't want to meet some cops within the hour you came from your workplace

Tip 3 : Only grow from quality seeds.

The total yield of your growing period depends for 85% of the genetics of the seeds. Good quality seeds you can buy here or just order through us

Tip 4 : Only grow with quality soil.

Make sure your soil is fertile and if not ( or to be sure ) use some fertilizers specially developed for growing marijuana. One of the best fertilizers is Formula flora

Tip 5 : Don't overuse water and fertilizer.

Keep very tight to the feeding schedules that you follow, in this case you have a garantueed harvest!