Azura is a berry flavoured 40% sativa with 60% indica properties. The mother of this strain was an old berry genetics, I got from my rainbow warrior friends Jack and Mariska who got it from an old hippy grower in Goa India. After 3 years of selecting these rare genetics we found this delicious sweet taste which we started crossing with our powerful strain Light of Jah. After 2 more selections we have created a high yielder with hard azur blue and violet shiny crystal buds a special sweet tutti frutti flavour and we managed to reduce the flowering period additional 2 weeks. If I had to find two words to describe our achievement it would be taste and potency.

  • THC level:

    17% - 22%

  • Type:

    mostly indica

  • Yield:

    700 gr / m2 indoor

  • Plant height:

    50 - 75 cm

  • Flowering time:

    9 - 11 weeks

  • Harvest month:

    mid September

  • Climate:

    indoor / outdoor

  • Grow difficulty:


10 seeds - USD 70.00

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